Iceland at night

Where to see?

Where will you be on August 12, 2026?

Glacially carved fjords, volcanic features or geothermal spas? Where will you be to watch the August 12, 2026 total solar eclipse? The path of totality crosses many picturesque and unique sites in the westernmost part of Iceland. Press on the map below to see local circumstances.


Observation deck at Bolafjall, Westfjords. Credit: Haukur Sigurðsson

The Moon’s umbral shadow first makes landfall in the Westfjords of Iceland. First part of the umbra to touch Iceland is at Straumnes Lighthouse in Hornstrandir at 17:43:28. From there, totality lasts 1m 26s.

At Látrabjarg, you can witness the longest duration on the mainland of Iceland, for 2m 13s. 

Ísafjörður, the largest town in the Westfjords, is a highly recommended place to watch the eclipse with totality lasting just over 1m 31s.

Why go there?

Most of Westfjords is a plateau with beautiful glacially carved fjords and valleys. Some of those fjords and valleys are deep and, in some cases, might even block the view to the Sun when it’s about 25 degrees altitude in the western sky. This is exactly why we will make a special map that shows where mountains will block the view.

Snæfellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsjökull glacier. Credit:

The umbral shadow reaches Snæfellsnes peninsula at 17:45:46, near the towns of Rif, Hellissandur and Ólafsvík. From Hellissandur, totality lasts 2m 7s and 2m 5s in Ólafsvík. Totality is seen from every densely populated area of the peninsula. 

There are many photogenic locations to choose from. Svöðufoss, a lovely 10 metres tall waterfall that falls off of a beautiful columnar basalt cliff is a good option for a beautiful foreground. From there totality lasts 2m 6s. 

From Grundarfjörður, the total eclipse can be viewed with the famously picturesque Kirkjufell mountain in the foreground. There, totality lasts 1m 50s. This area is likely to be crowded. Keep in mind that the mountain of Mýrarhyrna, to the west of parking lot by Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, will block the view towards the eclipse.

At Stykkishólmur, totality lasts for 1m 23s This little town offers a beautiful view over the mountaintops of Snæfellsnes. 

There are also lovely locations in the southern part of Snæfellsnes. Arnarstapi, Hellnar and Búðir offer gorgeous wide field view towards the eclipse with the famous Snæfellsjökul glacier in the foreground. 

Why go there? 

Snæfellsnes is a beautiful location and easy to reach within three hours from Reykjavík. You can watch and shoot the eclipse surrounded by lava fields and volcanic features, such as the famous Snæfellsjökull glacier or Kirkjufell mountain.

Reykjavík area

Reykjavík. Credit:

The trajectory of the Moon’s shadow towards Reykjavík takes it across Borgarnes and Akranes. From Borgarnes, totality lasts 43s but 1m 2s in Akranes, only 12 km further west. In Mosfellsbær, totality lasts for 27s.

In Reykjavík, totality starts at 17:48:12 when the Sun is 24.5 degrees high in western sky. In Reykjavík, duration of totality varies a bit but in downtown Reykjavík, at the University of Iceland, duration of totality is 1m. 

In Grótta, the westernmost part of the Greater Reykjavík Area, observers can enjoy totality for 6 seconds longer. 

The towns of Kópavogur, Garðabær and Hafnarfjörður enjoy totality for almost 1m. 

Make sure no tall buildings block the view towards east in the afternoon of August 12. 

Reykjanes peninsula

Reykjanestá. Mynd: Wikimedia Commons

The Reykjanes peninsula is a great site to enjoy the total eclipse. It offers multiple photogenic places where one might even witness an active volcanic eruption at the same time. And yes, it's perfectly safe to visit even if a volcanic eruption is ongoing.

In the Reykjanes peninsula, the towns of Garður and Sandgerði offer longest totality, each clocks just over 1m 40s. At Keflavík International Airport, totality lasts for 1m 38s,

Guests at the Blue Lagoon can watch totality from the geothermal spa for 1m 36s. A site we highly recommend!

The last part of the Moon’s umbra to leave the mainland of Iceland is at Reykjanestá Lighthouse at 17:50:07. From there, totality lasts for 1m 47s. A dramatic location overlooking sea cliffs and the Atlantic ocean.  

Rest of Iceland, outside the path of totality

How the Moon's umbral shadow crosses Iceland: Credit: Michael Zeiler/

Everyone in Iceland will experience at least a deep partial solar eclipse. So deep in fact that from most places, the Sun becomes such a thin crescent that the landscape will take on a beautiful, slightly alien, silvery look, with shadows turning crisper than usual.

To watch the partial eclipse safely, safe solar eclipse glasses and solar filters for telescopes and cameras must be used the whole time. You can find one in our shop.

Least partial eclipse is seen from Neskaupstaður (95,19%) in East Iceland. In south Iceland, the town of Höfn experiences 96% partial while in Akureyri in the North, 97,91% of the Sun is obscured by the Moon.

In Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, a wonderful hotel in amazing landscape in the highlands of Iceland, 98,8% partial will be seen. This hotel is a highly recommended stay before or after the eclipse, perfect to catch the early beginnings of the Northern Lights season. It also has a telescope on site.

Only two populated areas are right on the edge of the path of totality. Hvanneyri, a small village in west Iceland, will experience totality for 1-5 seconds, depending on where an observer is. Only few tens of metres further within the village, a 99,99% partial eclipse is seen. The other one is Mosfellsdalur, close to Reykjavík.

Booking hotels within the path of totality may be difficult as the eclipse draws closer. A good option is to find a place to stay just outside the path of totality. Then, in the morning, choose a location based on the weather forecast.

Below is a list that shows how long it takes to drive to the path of totality:

  • From Höfn: 6h
  • From Neskaupstaður: 8h
  • From Egilsstaðir: 7h
  • From Húsavík: 5h
  • From Akureyri: 4h
  • From Blönduós: 2h
  • From Húsafell: 45m 
  • From Hótel Rangá: 1h 30m
  • From Reykholt, Borgarbyggð: 30m
  • From Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll: 6h 30m